Preview of Coming Attractions

I hope you all had a terrifyingly good summer! Murry and I have just returned from Bestival on the Isle of Wight and I can tell you that camping was murder. On our return I felt a distinct chill in the air, I’m sure you felt it too, it means that there is just enough time before autumn arrives for me to give you a quick run-down of what items will be exhibiting in the red museum over the new season.

You will no doubt already be aware that Sight and  Sound magazine have printed their 2012 ‘Greatest Films’ poll, compiled from votes by critics and directors in their September edition. This once a decade poll and the debate surrounding it makes for fascinating, and tantalising reading. All the results can be explored and analysed here: I really recommend you delve in and take a look, the results are relatively genre light but in honour of this decades poll I will be compiling my current top ten all time favourite horrors (or 20 if I get stuck) Coming up soon you can also expect an autumn edition of Trailer Trash. Traditionally autumn is prime blood letting time for new horror releases and my post will encompass everything coming out in the build up to Halloween. I also intend to review my most recent acquisition; The Thing on Blu-ray Steelbook, and I will be starting an exciting series of reviews focusing on my Arrow Video special edition Blu-ray collection. As a grand finale I will be trick or treating (yes that pun is that bad) you to some Halloween cooking accompanied by photos. You lucky undead lot.


Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th  to all! It is a personal tradition that on this date, which occurs a few times over the course of each year, for me to sit down and watch one of the many (and I mean many) films in the Friday the 13th franchise which includes; Friday the 13th (1980), Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982), Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984), Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985), Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 (1986), Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood (1988), Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993), Jason X (2001) Freddy vs. Jason (2003) and the imaginatively titled; Friday the 13th (2009).

At some point today I will be picking one of the aforementioned films to watch and I will let you know how I got on in my next blog. If you fancy enjoying a blood dripped slice of Friday the 13th your self later today the 2009 Michael Bay ‘re-imagined’ version is showing on Film 4 at 10:45pm. Despite this being one of the all time worst out of the series long time fans of the show Supernatural may still enjoy it for Jared Padelecki. If the 2009 version will be the first Friday the 13th film you have ever seen please do not use it as a marker post for the rest of the series as it is merely a cardboard cut-out in comparison. If you are intimidated by the large number of Friday the 13th franchise to chose from please do not fear as Friday the 13th will be coming around twice more this year on Friday April 13th, and Friday July 13th 2012. Well that is it for now dear readers, all that remains is for me to wish you good luck until midnight!  

Enter the Red Museum

Weary traveler, come, enter, and shelter a moment from the storm. You are most welcome to look around if you please.

My name is K J Duckers and I am the curator here at The Red Museum. As you wander down through our catacombs of corridors and alcoves perusing the many dusty curio cabinets that line the way do not think merely of the horrors that lie within these walls. As thunder claps overhead think also of the horrors that lie in wait for you on the outside, and pray that the rain continues.