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Trailer Trash 2013 preview edition

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2013, unlucky for some, but hopefully 2013 will be another great year for horror movies. Time to look forward and try to identify what some of the best horrors of 2013 might be. Sadly my list already reads like a who’s who of classic horror as yet another remake/reboot free-for-all has taken place in tinsel town. The box office success of films like The Cabin in the Woods, and The Woman in Black proved to the execs that horror still sells. But clearly they’re still hoping we’ll settle for anything so that they don’t have to throw too many resources at it.


The first bit of New Years good news is that Chainsaw 3D is an 18. Oh how I have missed 18 horror films over the past few years. Although in all probably chainsaw violence is an automatic 18 for the BBFC anyway. The second piece of good news is that it is in 3D and for horror aficionados this is the type of thing 3D was invented for. Now on to the slippery downside. It doesn’t look that good. There is not much of particular interest in the trailer, despite the trailer being of good length, we don’t get to see much blood, or much threat or even find out much about the story which could be a sign that these elements are lacking. What is intriguing however is that the main girl mentions that she is related to the former residents of the Texas chainsaw house, and it will be interesting to see if that fact is of any great significance to the plot. There is also a nice bit where she jumps into a coffin to hide, but wood is no obstacle to metal. It’s 3D chainsaws so I’m planning on giving this one a go, but memories of Texas Chainsaw The Beginning (2006, J Liebesman) still haunt me.

WARM BODIES 08/02/13

Based on the Isaac Marion best-seller Warm Bodies is a reverse zombie movie loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Nicolas Holt plays a typical flesh eating zombie who has a change of heart when he falls in love with his dinner, the still human Julia. His love spreads some sort of anti-virus through the zombie population causing them to become more human. The trailer portrays the film as a quirky indie romance with a comedy horror twist. Holt revives the charm he displayed back in his About a Boy (2002, C and P Weitz) days minus the hair cut. A promising one with an original flair.

CARRIE 05/04/13

Having both read the book and seen the original 1976 Brian De Palma film I can tell from the scant teaser trailer that this new adaptation of Carrie is likely to be much closer to Stephen King’s vision. Carrie the novel consists of various eyewitness account and news bulletin style testimony of what let to the events on prom night at Bates high school. The audio in this trailer suggests that director Kimberly Peirce may be telling the story via a similar route. As to whether another, closer version of Carrie is warranted I am as yet undecided. I am however quite keen to see what interpretations the female director will bring to the film, as I have always thought of Carrie as a very female story (Although many a film theorist might disagree with me) De Palma captured the horror of being a teenage girl well in a shower scene that is now almost as famous as the one he likes so much to homage. The 1976 film will always have something the new film lacks… a young John Travolta!

EVILDEAD 19/04/13

A friend/co-worker of mine, lets call him Hamilton, has been enthusiastically recommending that I watch the trailer for the new Evil Dead (new being the operative word) for several weeks now. Something he gladly pointed out to me when I confirmed with him that this trailer is indeed both awesome and exciting. Hard too believe when you consider how generally pants most of the recent attempts at obliterating old horrors with glossy new versions have been. (I will let you imagine for yourselves to which titles I am referring) The main thing that sprang to mind when I watched the Evil Dead trailer was that it reminds me of The Cabin in the woods (2012, Drew Goddard) which in turn reminded me of The Evil Dead (1981, Sam Raimi) so make of that what you will. The great tongue in cheek shot at the end where the possessed girl slices her tongue down the middle suggests that this version will hopefully stick closely to ethos of the original; genuinely terrifying but without taking itself to seriously.There seems to be no shortage of blood and enough virile trees on offer too please most. Looks like a ‘must view.’


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